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Conflict is an inevitable part of life both personally and professionally. Every day we engage in conflict in one form or another; sometimes without even knowing it. In order to effectively establish healthy patterns of communication, and build lasting relationships, understanding how to engage effectively in conflict is a necessity. 

Cloudburst works to help support individuals better understand how to disagree and not destruct. 

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Owner / ADR Practitioner

  Practitioner of Alternative Dispute Resolution since 2017; Chantara is intensely passionate about helping businesses and communities understand and unpack conflict as it interacts with life’s journey.

    Graduating from Brock University with Honours in Social Sciences, Chantara took an interest in understanding conflicts and problems that face society and the most effective pathways to solutions. Moving on to graduate from Humber College’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Post-Graduate Certificate Program with Honours, Chantara has taken every opportunity to gain a greater knowledge of how resolve conflicts we face internally and in our social worlds.

    Certified in Community Mediation, Restorative Justice Circle Keeping, and Safe Conflict Management; Chantara has also had the opportunity to gain extensive experience in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. Having worked in youth diversion, child protection, employment services, community coaching, and counselling individuals with exceptionalities. There are very few conflicts in work or life Chantara has not faced or supported individuals through.

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